I'm so excited that you have come to check me out. I'm not just an ordinary dog by any stretch of the imagination. In fact I'm rather special- even if I do say so myself. Not that life has been full of tummy rubs, doggy treats, or juicy bones. You might be surprised though at how much we have in common if you stick around.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Doggy Autumn

What does a doggy do when autumn comes bringing chilly rainy weather that flares up the arthritis in your hip?

Curl up on whatever bed is handy and have a doggy snooze.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A doggy Christmas

A dog has to watch herself during the holidays.  There is a lot of excitement with humans everywhere.  I love playing with the children and checking out new babies, although the adults are rather fussy about me giving it doggy kisses.  But it gets kinda crowded under foot where I'm at so I have to be extra vigilant not to get stepped on or tripped over- especially when it comes to the little people.

Even though I get lots of attention from the kids (the baby sure does find me fascinating and we would have a grand time together if only the adults didn't interfere), my Mistress gets so caught up with her grandchildren that she tends to ignore me.  Imagine!  She stays busy cooking, talking, and playing with the grand-kids until she forgets I exist.  I could starve right under her nose.

Do I sound jealous?  You bet.  Do I take it lying down?  No way!  I just watch and push my furry body around until she notices me making sure to claim my spot beside her every chance I get.   And if things get too bad, I'll hop up on another lap to find some comfort.

After all, I'll still be around when all the people are gone, the house gets quiet again- when a dog can thing straight-, and my Mistress needs some doggy love. 

Whew!  I need a doggy nap. I'm plum worn out. 

Lucy Lou 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Springtime Madness

Springtime madness is when us dogs go crazy trying to keep up with all the new smells of growing things.  Each day brings a new adventure outside.

I run in circles in the freedom of the outdoors, roll on the soft new green grass, and check out anything that moves until at last out of breath I plop down on the ground.  My Mistress says that's when I act like a heathen.  Really I'm just being myself, but I don't tell her that.

But the most fun of all is playing with my best friend, Lady.  She is a mommy dog to me letting me chew all over her fur to my heart's content as I growl and act ferocious sometimes swatting back at me with her huge paws.  Springtime is a great doggy time to be alive.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Autumn News


I'm finally back again after a long summer snooze. It seemed like every time I turned around my Mistress was taking the Master to the doctor or hospital. I tell you I was starting to get quite bored and lonely as I always stay indoors whenever my Mistress is gone. I'm not about to be outside when I needed inside to guard this house. Nobody is going to come in and bother things when my Mistress is gone. I'm the big brave guard dog- of course it helps to know that the big dogs are outside and any intruder has to go through them first. But you don't want to mess around with me. I can make all kinds of noise and my growl is rather fierce, even if I do say so myself.

The other week the oldest dog, Sandy, was put to sleep and buried in the back yard. It was a sad time for my Mistress as Sandy was ancient having been around for sixteen years. All we dogs were careful not to run Sandy over when she'd hobble off the back porch as she was real slow. Don't tell anyone, but Sandy made messes where no self respecting dog would like right on the porch, but nobody scolded her as she couldn't help it.

Meanwhile I have Lady to pal around with and play with. She and I are good friends. Lady will lie down and wrestle with me, although her large size doesn't intimidate me in the least. I just bark and jump around on my back two feet to get her attention whenever I want to expend some energy that has been pent up inside my furry body for too long.

Well I'll mosey along now and see if anything interesting is happening outside. Just because I'm an indoor dog doesn't mean that I don't keep up with what goes on around this place.

See you later,
Lucy Lou

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Springtime Blahs

It has been quite boring around my house lately.

My mistress was in the hospital with our Master, who had to have open heart surgery and it seemed like she was gone forever.

One day my Mistress was here like usual and then after talking on the phone she madly dashed out the door and only came back for quick visits. I know that my Master needed her, but I sure did miss her.

It was an exciting day when my Mistress finally brought the Master back home again. Since then he's been here at the house taking lots of naps. I spend my days staying close to my Mistress or whenever the Master lays down, I curl up beside him in bed and take a snooze too. It sure has been a different spring from last year spending most of my time outside. Oh well, as long as my Mistress is here that is all that matters.

Now if you'll excuse me it's time to go jump up on the bed with the Master and take another dog nap.

Lucy Lou

Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Blues

We've been having so much cold weather around here this winter and snowstorms every time I turn around until a dog needs something else to help keep a furry body warm. So this morning I checked out my Mistress gloves and scarf that I see her put on every time she ventures outdoors. I must admit they are cozy and fuzzy- almost as nice as my fur. I wonder if she will mind if I borrow them.
Lately I've been inside most of the time curling up on the bed with my Mistress at night (staying cozy & warm feeling her heating blanket under my body), or curling up on her lap when she sits close by the fire, and snoozing most of the days away. What else can a dog do?
Wake me up when it gets warm outside, okay?
Lucy Lou

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow Dog

I am the snow dog!

I love to play and run in the snow with the big dogs.

First I get Lady's attention..,

then I circle around..,

and leap up to make sure that she sees how big and fierce I am..,

and then I pounce and down she goes. Am I good or what?

Best snow doggy friends.